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Designer Laser Vaginoplasty

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What is Designer Laser Vaginoplasty Surgery?

If you’ve gone through childbirth, the vaginal muscles expand during delivery, causing a larger vaginal opening and weak vaginal muscles. This can also happen with age as well, leaving you uncomfortable, or embarrassed. Another problem with weak vaginal muscles is sexual problems or lack of satisfaction for both partners.

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty surgery, also known as laser vaginal rejuvenation, helps tighten a portion of the vagina making the entrance to the vagina smaller, while tightening other areas of the vagina that do not have any muscles. The surgery also removes excess vaginal lining.

This procedure may enhance your feelings of sexual gratification, and provide more pleasure to you and your partner during sexual intercourse.

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty

Costs can vary based on individual patient needs and the amount of surgery required.The costs involved in this procedure include facility/hospital fees, medical tests, anesthesia fees, Dr. Jimerson’s fee and any medication or post-operative garments that may be required. Our staff will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your procedure.

As with most elective cosmetic procedures, there are several basic criteria that determine if you’re a good candidate for the Designer Laser Vaginoplasty. They include:

  • You have gone through childbirth and have an enlarged vaginal opening
  • You have weak vaginal muscles due to aging that don’t respond to exercise
  • You want to improve the appearance of your vagina or rejuvenate your love life
  • You enjoy relatively good health without any medical conditions that could jeopardize your healing or present surgical risks

• You’re a non-smoker (smoking can impair the healing process), and you have realistic expectations on what the surgery can do for you

Following your surgery you’ll experience some bruising and swelling. You will also experience some pain. You will have a vaginal pack inserted that includes gauze outside the vagina, which is usually removed the day following your surgery. The swelling may last from two to four weeks.Dr. Jimerson will prescribe medication to control the discomfort following your procedure. To help reduce the swelling, you can apply ice packs for the first two days.

Most patients will be walking around within one day of your procedure, but you may want to take a week off from work to aid in your recovery. You may find that you’re very sensitive for the next several weeks, and you should avoid any type of strenuous physical activities. After the third week, you can begin to gradually return to your normal activities like light exercise or lifting, but you should wait until 6 weeks before jogging or resuming sexual activity.

The results will be fully achieved within 4-6 months following your surgery, and you can expect the results of vaginoplasty to last a lifetime. Be aware, however, that as you age the body tends to relax, including the vaginal muscles. But the vagina will not go back to the state it was in prior to your surgery.Be sure to follow Dr. Jimerson’s instruction following your procedure to obtain optimal results.

You will discuss various anesthesia options with Dr. Jimerson, including sedation and general anesthesia. He will determine the best type of anesthesia based on the procedure, your health history and his preferences.During your procedure, Dr. Jimerson will use a laser to enhance the vaginal muscles’ tone, control and strength. Any excess vaginal lining is removed, and the surgery will decrease the internal and external vaginal diameter. There will also be tightening of the vagina, and strengthening of the perineal body.

All scarring is internal. The procedure usually takes from 1-2 hours, and vaginoplasty will help to restore the vagina and its supporting structures to a pre-pregnancy, more youthful and rejuvenated state.

Prior to surgery you will have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson. This is an important appointment, as it will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and what you can expect from the surgery.He will discuss you specific goals, take a medical history and review your current medications. Photos may be taken, both before and after the surgery.

You will also be able to learn what options are available to you, along with the risks and possible complications of the procedure.

What happens prior to the Designer Laser Vaginoplasty surgery? You will have lab tests, and the doctor may have you take new medications or adjust the medications that you’re currently taking.If you smoke, you must stop several weeks prior the surgery, as it can severely impeded the healing process.

Finally, you should arrange to have someone available to drive you home after your surgery, and to be with you for the first night.

Vaginoplasty: cosmetic surgery of the vagina, usually tightening of the vagina musclesVaginal rejuvenation: a tightening of the vaginal muscles for women who are older, or who have had vaginal deliveries

Laser: a special light used to perform precise, aesthetic surgical incisions

Labiaplasty: an adjunct procedure to vaginoplasty, where the labia, the skin surrounding the vaginal opening is sculpted or reduced.

During your appointment, it’s good to ask Dr. Jimerson questions about your surgery.Here are some questions to consider:

–       What surgical technique is recommended?

–       How long will the recovery period be for my surgery?

–       What risks are associated with my surgery?

–       What type of complications can happen?

–       When will I be able to see the results of my surgery?

–       Do you think that I’m a good candidate for this procedure?

Bes sure to ask any other questions you have about Dr. Jimerson, the procedure or anything else that concerns you about your surgery.

Dr. Jimerson and his team have years of extensive training and experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery, liposuction and fat grafting. He has pioneered face and body sculpting techniques that bring patients exceptional, long-lasting results.The team is committed to meet your unique needs, with a natural, long-lasting look. Because of his expertise, Dr. Jimerson offers patients reduced operative times, which means faster recovery times. In addition, he strives to use techniques that are safer than traditional procedures.

The best way to determine if Designer Laser Vaginoplasty is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimerson. The doctor will discuss the procedure, evaluate your concerns relating to your body and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your appointment, click here..

As with any surgical procedure, there are some potential risks or complications. You have to determine if the benefits that you’ll obtain from your procedure outweigh the risks involved.Dr. Jimerson and his trained staff will do everything possible to minimize risks and postoperative complications. Risks may include:

  • Anesthesia  • Bleeding  • Infection • Swelling • Bruising  • Blood clots

It’s important to discuss any concerns you have with Dr. Jimerson prior to your surgery. If you have a question – please ask!

The best way to determine if assisted Designer Laser Vaginoplasty is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimerson. The doctor will discuss the procedure, evaluate your concerns relating to your body and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your appointment, click here.